The HEAL Security platform

Revolutionizing cybersecurity for healthcare

HEAL Security is the global authority for cybersecurity data, research and insights across the healthcare sector. Our industry-specific platform provides actionable intelligence on cyber threats, risks and remedies directly to the people protecting the delivery of healthcare services.

Solving a critical problem that affects every one of us

Despite spending $65 billion on cybersecurity defenses over the past five years, the U.S. healthcare sector remains the No.1 most valuable target for ransomware criminals seeking to extract patient records, attack medical devices and infiltrate essential IT systems.


of U.S. healthcare organizations
have experienced a data breach in the past
three years

$10.10 million

average cost to organizations of a healthcare cyberattack in 2021 — the highest of any industry

45 million

U.S. individuals affected by healthcare sector
cyber-attacks in 2021

A Focused view

Organization-specific cyber threat and risk intelligence

The unprecedented depth and breadth of cybersecurity knowledge within the HEAL Security platform can be accessed via a dedicated terminal, tailored for different user profiles from C-Suite executives to IT professionals. Our revolutionary platform utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver organization-specific cybersecurity intelligence directly to the personnel that need to know:

Focused View Icon Lightbulb
Evidence-based semantic intelligence that streamlines communication and accelerates decision-making
Focused View Icon Lightning Bolt
Active threat management protocols to identify, assess and neutralize cyber attacks
Focused View Icon Analytics

Situational-aware analysis and insights to ensure that critical information is delivered, shared and acted upon

Focused View Icon Shield

Enables healthcare organizations to speedily adopt a proactive cybersecurity management culture

Our solutions

The HEAL Security platform comprises a suite of distinct products and services that go beyond traditional risk reporting and event logging to empower healthcare organizations and individuals to predict, evaluate and mitigate cybercrime attacks before they endanger the delivery of patient care and the functioning of essential IT systems.

“We’re building a community to protect healthcare organizations, patients and practitioners from cybercrime — saving lives and ensuring the proper functioning of one of our nation’s most valuable resources.”

Charles Aunger

CEO and Founder, HEAL Security


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